I’m Confident.

I’m confident that this website is 98% complete now. But I’m sure there is some minor mistakes or oddities that I have missed. And to me, I always feel like there is something that always needs to be done or fixed in some capacity, like the saying: “Nothing is ever complete, there are only deadlines.” Which I believe that is what my old professor, Ed Wong-Ligda, said once. Or it came out of a collaboration of sayings. So author unknown. but that statement is beyond true and its a rule to live by, otherwise I would still be working on some projects from 4 years ago.

..Okay, maybe not to that extreme, but you get it. And anyone in the, for lack of better words, creative world would agree with that statement more or less.

Anyway, This site is now fully active. I will work on a blog post for next week along with my inktober drawings, a wedding invite job, and much more. So if you care, stay posted by this webby; or follow me on twitter, and the instagram.


ASK ME QUESTIONS! I always like a productive distraction.



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