Mission Log 4/17/17

Still waiting on paper… Spoke to higher-ups and should be getting it soon, hopefully within two weeks. So doing final pencils and so on for Number 19 is put on hold. I forward my attention to making shorts and other small side projects that I’ve been needing to do. This included the revamping of my Tumblr and this website on how I present images, comics, and how things are organized. I’ve also turned to creating a short story-esque series called The Many Misadventures Of Theō which will be what it says. I’m currently working on the first short comic, three pages, and I hope to have it done by 4/22/17.

Beyond that, I am looking into new possible products to start making and selling, like enamel pins, stickers, original works, and signed prints. I would have to find a way to sell these online, maybe through Etsy or a online shopping things, like Bigcartel. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment or message me!



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