Mission Log 5/28/17

I have gotten the paper that I need, or prefer, to commence my work on the pages of my comic. The only thing that is special about this paper is that is tabloid sized Bristol board. which is nice, because then I don’t have to waste time cutting down paper to that size, it will fit on my scanner easily, and the detentions will be spot on for when I have to downsize it for the comic book size. It’s a win, win to me.

Beyond this, I have been working on other projects, researching other well known comics/authors/artists, making my small, small (cozy) studio efficient and organized as possible, and working my day job at an art supply store.

As far as Number 19, I finished the working cover for the first issue and now I will be diving into completing the pages. I hope to have it fully inked and coloured in a few months, well for the first part.

My current reading are:

  • TinTin
  • Hellboy (as per usual)
  • Mœbius’s The World Of Edena

And what books I’m listening to are:

  • Frankenstein
  • H.P. Lovecraft (all his works)
  • A Farewell To Arms

Libraries are amazing! If you don’t use yours; you’re missing out!!!



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