NelsoArt Studio is a growing world of creations

from the minds of Seth and Kayla Nelson, a husband and wife duo who hope to conquer this mysterious world with their meshed-together loves of the quirky, cute, angsty, and sometimes serious. With the help of their tiny dog, they may have a chance. 

Seth is a kid at heart who grew up loving his mandatory elementary art classes. He didn’t consider it as a career until he was told he needed to figure out what he was going to do for college. Not wanting to be buried alive by history books, he opted to pursue his BFA in illustration, as it seemed it was the only thing he confidently knew he would enjoy forever. 

By nature, Seth loves to tinker and explore, making a mess and seeing what wizard things run out into the world. He also loves a good challenge that pushes him to grow and think in new ways and unravel new worlds. He practices in illustration, graphic design, comics, and creative writing. Seth also has a head full of knowledge of other practices in the arts and printing that he incorporates in his work. 

During the day, he oversees and conjures forth creative work for a high school in Lansing, MI as their Art & Media Director. And yes, he thinks it’s both crazy and great that a high school has that position.

When Seth is not working on something creative, you can find him on Upper Peninsula hikes, at a northern cabin lost in time, watching/rewatching his favorite shows or movies, and spending time with his wife and dog in their small apartment in a rural central Michigan town surrounded by corn, soybeans, and mint.  

Fun fact: One of Seth’s favorite moments was getting to hold an original Arthur Rackham when he studied abroad in London. 

Kayla is a mystery you’ll have to wait for.


GVSU Permanent Collection-Red Wall Gallery 2014
GVSU Annual Juried Show 2014 + 2015
AIGA:5 Gallery Show 2015
Lost Kids on The Block 2015
See to See 2015
Graveyard Shift 2017
Founders Brewery Co. 2018


GVSU Fishladder Publication 2016
CMU Temenos Graduate Journal Publication 2016
Brain Garbage Comics Issue 1 Fall 2017