NelsoArt™ (n-el so art) is a a Multidisciplinary husband and wife duo studio that emphasize is the graphic, written, and performing arts. Seth heads up the graphics and tinkers with all the tech and business side of things. Kayla handles all the music and singing performance, editorial, tinkering in lino-cuts and keeping things on task. We both are avid writers of stories and handle the photography.

We started this venture out of a love of creating content and having a place to share it with. The Website was originally just Seth’s stuff but it is now being transformed into something more!

2017 self portrait 120dpi rgb

Who is Seth?

Hello! I’m Seth Nelson, a multidisciplinary artist who practices in illustration, comics, graphic design, story writing, printmaking, and other visual things. I live in the rural farmlands of Mid-Michigan (north of Lansing) with my wife, Kayla, who is a musician and author as well.

I am currently the Director of Art & Media at the iconic Horrocks Farm Market in Lansing, Michigan.

When I’m not at Horrocks, you can find at my small home with my wonderful wife, and our sassy lil’ doggo. When I’m not making or learning about art of some flavor: I’m going on hikes to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Star Wars, spending time with my friends or family, and I will occasionally watch a show.

Who is kayla?

Info coming soon


GVSU Permanent Collection-Red Wall Gallery 2014 | GVSU Annual Juried Show 2014 + 2015 | AIGA:5 Gallery Show 2015 | Lost Kids on The Block 2015 | See to See 2015 | Graveyard Shift 2017 | Founders Brewery Co. 2018


GVSU Fishladder Publication 2016 | CMU Temenos Graduate Journal Publication 2016 | Brain Garbage Comics Issue 1 Fall 2017