I’m Seth Nelson and I am an freelance illustrator that also specializes in sequential art and graphic design. But I also do consultation, logo design, small sculptures, and more. I am based out of Grand Rapids, Mi, USA

Who I am not:

  • I am NOT the Native American “painter and story teller”¹ who also goes by S. D. Nelson. But I would like to meet and learn from him.

With that, I am an American artist with a BFA from Grand Valley State University. My work has been said to be a charming new take on classic illustration styles that embodies a post impressionistic twist with a taste of fauvism. My work is a mix of sci-fi, history, mythology, folklore, animals, symbolism, and the human condition.

The main artists who inspire my work or who’s work I’d admire are Arthur Rackham, Maurice Noble, E. H. Shepard, Mœbius, Hergé, and Mike Mignola. There are many, many more that help to shape and influence my work, how I go about solving problems, and admire, but those are my top. In general though, anything that tells a narrative, my eye is drawn to but my mind decides if it is worth while. Other people or works that I admire: Norman Rockwell, Studio Ghibli films, Star Wars, and Brad Bird’s Iron Giant.

If you want to keep up with my adventures; follow me on Instagram! And if you want to support me, you can go to my store and buy the things that I create! I am also always down for a pint, coffee, tea, or food with a good conversation.




2017 self portrait 120dpi rgb

¹. Quote from sdnelson.net

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