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My website will might be down a day or two in the coming week for maintenance and for the overall look to change. Same content, just a better face!

Mission Log 11/12/17

So, it’s been a hot minute.

Basically since my last update I have made a full 32 page web comic, did a gallery show, made a new portfolio collection, updated my online portfolio, went to my first comic con, submitted work to SOI for their 60th annual, and made my web comic into a high quality digital one. So, I have been busy, and tired.


I’m not done there.

I’m working on getting my comic that I made during inktober into a print version as well as set up a Patreon! (possibly an Etsy too!) In addition to that I am also going to be working on some fan art and holiday themed comics for The Many Misadventures of Theō.

October was a long month, but November and December will be up there too.

Till next time,




Mission Log 8/27/17

So since my last update, I’ve been busy trying to reorganize my live, get better at making comics, better evolve as a professional artist, and work on the business end of things.

I do have a comic in the works that I plan to release soon: The Gummies, which is about a crusading hippo who has to destroy all the mutant gummy bears and keep them from taking over. My original plan was to just color it in black and white, but as I am almost finished with inking it, I’m thinking that I should add grey tones to it to give the story a more rich and powerful presence.

My original plan was to have this comic out by now but life happens and in my personal life, deaths happened and that threw all my plans out.

As far as Number 19 goes, I am still working on that comic series, just I am focusing my attention to shorter comics to build that discipline and prove to potential comics publishers for 19 that I am capable of consistently creating and publishing comics on my own.

After Gummies is released, I will be working on a few more short comics for The Misadventures of Theō  as well as inking some more of 19 and starting other short series and one-shots on top of illustrations and graphic work.

And of course, I will be doing all of this in my spare time when I’m not working at my day job, job hunting, attending family things, spending time with my bub, or being with friends.

Current Books that I am reading:

Two Brothers by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá

The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Mission Log 5/28/17

I have gotten the paper that I need, or prefer, to commence my work on the pages of my comic. The only thing that is special about this paper is that is tabloid sized Bristol board. which is nice, because then I don’t have to waste time cutting down paper to that size, it will fit on my scanner easily, and the detentions will be spot on for when I have to downsize it for the comic book size. It’s a win, win to me.

Beyond this, I have been working on other projects, researching other well known comics/authors/artists, making my small, small (cozy) studio efficient and organized as possible, and working my day job at an art supply store.

As far as Number 19, I finished the working cover for the first issue and now I will be diving into completing the pages. I hope to have it fully inked and coloured in a few months, well for the first part.

My current reading are:

  • TinTin
  • Hellboy (as per usual)
  • Mœbius’s The World Of Edena

And what books I’m listening to are:

  • Frankenstein
  • H.P. Lovecraft (all his works)
  • A Farewell To Arms

Libraries are amazing! If you don’t use yours; you’re missing out!!!



Mission Log 4/17/17

Still waiting on paper… Spoke to higher-ups and should be getting it soon, hopefully within two weeks. So doing final pencils and so on for Number 19 is put on hold. I forward my attention to making shorts and other small side projects that I’ve been needing to do. This included the revamping of my Tumblr and this website on how I present images, comics, and how things are organized. I’ve also turned to creating a short story-esque series called The Many Misadventures Of Theō which will be what it says. I’m currently working on the first short comic, three pages, and I hope to have it done by 4/22/17.

Beyond that, I am looking into new possible products to start making and selling, like enamel pins, stickers, original works, and signed prints. I would have to find a way to sell these online, maybe through Etsy or a online shopping things, like Bigcartel. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment or message me!



Mission Log 2/20/2017


Current Long Term Project

A cover for a mutant bear cub who love ice.cream. Original, Ink and watercolour. Text added digitally.
As of December 2016, my current long-term project is Number 19, the story of a mutant bear cub, Theō, who has twisty blue antlers, telekinesis, smart-ass wit, and an unsatisfying hunger for ice cream. As a secret weapon made by an undercover U.S. government agency to combat the Russians in the 1950’s, Theō must find a way to escape the fortress lab and the evil scientist who keeps him there. In the process, Theō may find out who he really is and what his fate will be: a destroyer of nations, or a part-time fighter of evil and full-time, albeit out-of-place, ice cream and food critic.
I started this project as my undergraduate thesis back in February-March 2015 and finished the first draft in September 2015. I made the comic portion over a two-month and a quarter span, and exhibited the thesis portion of it in December 2015 for my senior gallery show. 

Senior show space.jpg

For the past year, I have been revamping the script completely, adding more dynamic scenes, developing the characters, and making it all the better. So far, I’m about 45% done with the script rewrite. After I finalize the script, I will revamp and expand upon the comic portion of it. That process will take the most time because I am doing everything, from the penciling, to the inking, coloring, and lettering. So it is my hope and plan, if all goes well, that I will have this done by the end of 2018, if not sooner. From there, I will seek out publishers (DarkHorse, IDW, Oni Press, Image, or others that I see fit as a home for my story) and look into having it translated into other languages, especially Japanese, to tap into that market. So when this project is done, the first volume will be ready for distribution in comic format. This will allow me to start working on the next few stories in this series.

Yes, I know my way of doing it is unorthodox, and yes, there is no guarantee that this will succeed at all, but I don’t care. There are a lot of success stories of people who have gone about things their own way and have succeeded brilliantly. (George Lucas and J. K. Rowling to start with.)

Personally, this is something that I want to do and will do no matter if it makes me money or not. Which is how many brilliant things are created. The creator had an immense desire to create something, so the creator did without care if he was rewarded.


If you wish to support me, please consider donating money to me to help me fund and complete this project. That would be brilliant of you and I will be soooo grateful!

If you donate any amount under $50, I will mention you name in the thank you section of the comic.

And if you donate anything over $50…

I will work on setting up awards and prizes on a crowdfunding site for anyone who donates more!

Thank you,