1. Do you sell original or small edition work?
    • Yes I do! If you would like to buy an original, a signed print, or a product of my work that you cant buy off my store; contact me. I will be more than willing to make something work out!

  2. What can you make/do?
    • Well, a lot. To me, Illustration is much more than just a two denominational medium of sophisticated and simple drawings. Illustration can be anything that suggests a narrative, which to me, goes across multiple mediums. I also love to try new approaches and ways one making and idea come to life. So ask me, and I will tell you If I can do it or not.

  3. What is your dream job?
    • A mad scientist, which making art is like that. But specifically, I would love to write, illustrate, and letter my own stories and have people give me food. But sadly that isn’t likely to happen. So, my dream is to live off of all my work and bring a smile to people.

  4. What’s your favorite thing to draw with?
    • Well for drawings, a F pencil from Staedtler. For inking, It all depends on what I am working on and I want the piece to feel like. So microns, nibs and nib holders, to brushes, brush pens, and fancy technical pens.

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