Do you sell original or small edition work?

  • Yes I do! If you would like to buy an original, a signed print, or a product of my work that you cant buy off my store; contact me at I will be more than willing to make something work out!

What can you make/do?

  • Well, a lot. But I mostly stick to illustrations, comics, type/layout design, and Logos with a more vintage hand drawn feel. When I get more space, I’ll pick up painting again and do more small scale sculptures.

What is your dream job?

  • When I was a kid I wanted to be a mad scientist. But due to a lack of funds, a secret lab and me not wanting to get a PhD in a science field; being an Illustrator was the next best option in my opinion.

What’s your favorite thing to draw with?

  • Well for drawings,
    • I usually use a mechanical 5mm pencil with either HB, blue, or red lead. Otherwise I use blue, HB, or F pencils.
    • Staedtler Mars eraser or Pentel’s hi-polymer erasers .
    • A middle spectrum grey and red marker, Copic or Prismacolor
    • Brush pens, the Pentel Pocket Brush is a good one to start with.
  • For inking,
    • It all depends on what I am working on and I want the piece to feel like. I use Speedball super black ink, with either a Utrecht sumi brush, and nibs. I have a Pentel brush pen that I use often especially when I’m on the go and microns ‘cuz I’m basic. For whiting out mistakes I use Deleter White #2 and Uni Posca the fine one (0.7mm)

Who are Seth’s Inspirations?

  • Many, but specifically
    • Arthur Rackham
    • Maurice Noble
    • E. H. Shepard
    • Mœbius
    • Hergé
    • Osamu Tezuka
    • Stan and Jan Berenstain
    • Quintin Blake
    • Ralph Steadman
    • Mike Mignola
    • Richard Scarry
    • Maurice Sendak
    • Beatrix Potter
    • Dr. Seuss
    • Edward Gorey
    • Charles M. Schulz
    • Jake Wyatt
    • Tonči Zonjić
    • Chris Sickels
    • Saul Bass
    • Yuko Shimizu

Favorite movies

  • Star Wars- All even the 2004 clone wars series.
  • Toy Story Films
  • Studio Ghibli Films
  • And many more