Inktober 2019

Here are my Inktober 2019 illustrations and each day I will upload a new illustration until the end of the month. I will compile these into a book which will be available as a PDF. I hope to eventually make a print-on-demand version, any suggestions welcome on where to go.

Day 1: Ring
Day 2: Mindless
Day 3: Bait
Day 4: Freeze
Day 5: Build
Day 6: Husky
Day 7: Enchanted
Day 8: Frail
Day 9: Swing
Day 10: Pattern
Day 11: Snow
Day 12: Dragon
Day 13: Ash
Day 14: Overgrown
Day 15: Legend
Day 16: Wild
Day 17: Ornament
Day 18: Misfit
Day 19: Sling
Day 20: Tread
Day 21: Treasure
Day 22: Ghost
Day 23: Ancient
Day 24: Dizzy
Day 25: Tasty
Day 26: Dark
Day 27: Coat
Day 28: Ride
Day 29: Injured
Day 30: Catch
Day 31: Ripe

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