So lets talk about contracting me for a possible job.

Yes this is the not-so-fun part, but  necessary.

Send me a proposal of what you want me to create.

A proposal* includes:

  • A background of the company or organization.
  • The target audience.
  • The objective(s) of the project.
  • The vehicle on which the project is to go on. Such as a Billboard, etc.
  • How you want this project to look like. What kind of work are you going for.
  • Specification of rights needed, final product dimensions, print format, digital format, quantity, packaging, mailing requirements.
  • The time frame for this project.
  • The preliminary time scheduled.
  • How many other creatives will be working on this project.
  • Other details that the potential client want to point out.

This proposal is to help myself and the client get on the same page so that no time is wasted and there is no back tracking. The proposal does not have to be elaborate, the proposal can be very simple. You, the potential client, are just telling me all the in’s and out’s of the project so that I, the Artist, can give an ideal estimate or full cost of the project.

When the potential clients proposal is received and evaluated; the potential client will be emailed either an acceptance email or a rejection email. In the rejection email, there will be a list of other Artists/Freelancers to go to. Within the acceptance email, there will be a contract spelling out the terms of the project and the total cost**. The upfront cost of a project is 25% of total or estimated cost. The project will not start until that 25% is paid in full.

*Based on the Graphic Artist Guild Handbook of Pricing & Ethical Guidelines Fourteenth Edition

**“My rate is flexible for type of job, rights granted, deadlines, etc. Let me know what your usage is and your budget and I’m sure we can come to an agreement on price.”