Current Long Term Project

A cover for a mutant bear cub who love ice.cream. Original, Ink and watercolour. Text added digitally.
As of December 2016, my current long-term project is Number 19, the story of a mutant bear cub, Theō, who has twisty blue antlers, telekinesis, smart-ass wit, and an unsatisfying hunger for ice cream. As a secret weapon made by an undercover U.S. government agency to combat the Russians in the 1950’s, Theō must find a way to escape the fortress lab and the evil scientist who keeps him there. In the process, Theō may find out who he really is and what his fate will be: a destroyer of nations, or a part-time fighter of evil and full-time, albeit out-of-place, ice cream and food critic.
I started this project as my undergraduate thesis back in February-March 2015 and finished the first draft in September 2015. I made the comic portion over a two-month and a quarter span, and exhibited the thesis portion of it in December 2015 for my senior gallery show. 

Senior show space.jpg

For the past year, I have been revamping the script completely, adding more dynamic scenes, developing the characters, and making it all the better. So far, I’m about 45% done with the script rewrite. After I finalize the script, I will revamp and expand upon the comic portion of it. That process will take the most time because I am doing everything, from the penciling, to the inking, coloring, and lettering. So it is my hope and plan, if all goes well, that I will have this done by the end of 2018, if not sooner. From there, I will seek out publishers (DarkHorse, IDW, Oni Press, Image, or others that I see fit as a home for my story) and look into having it translated into other languages, especially Japanese, to tap into that market. So when this project is done, the first volume will be ready for distribution in comic format. This will allow me to start working on the next few stories in this series.

Yes, I know my way of doing it is unorthodox, and yes, there is no guarantee that this will succeed at all, but I don’t care. There are a lot of success stories of people who have gone about things their own way and have succeeded brilliantly. (George Lucas and J. K. Rowling to start with.)

Personally, this is something that I want to do and will do no matter if it makes me money or not. Which is how many brilliant things are created. The creator had an immense desire to create something, so the creator did without care if he was rewarded.


If you wish to support me, please consider donating money to me to help me fund and complete this project. That would be brilliant of you and I will be soooo grateful!

If you donate any amount under $50, I will mention you name in the thank you section of the comic.

And if you donate anything over $50…

I will work on setting up awards and prizes on a crowdfunding site for anyone who donates more!

Thank you,




MAC or PC?

To be honest, it really doesn’t matter. There’s no “everyone should get this certain kind.” It does, however, depend on what you want to do with the computer. I have used both, and I would argue that you can get the same bang or more for your buck with PC as with a Mac. Yes, the operating system matters, but nowadays, as long as your specs are at par or beyond with the software requirements; you’ll be fine with either. This is especially since Microsoft has just released a beast line of new surface books and studio. Does Apple have an edge on some features or products? Yes, like Final Cut Pro, or Garage Band, other Apple-only features and programs, and some hardware advances like its Thunderbolt 3 . But overall, unless those and other small differences are a deal breaker to you, it doesn’t make a difference anymore. All that becomes a personal preference and what you are more comfortable with, not who has the better specs or performance. Unless you want to get into the nitty gritty on the OS, the lines are basically even. As long as you have a computer that has the right specs, you are fine. If you are just going to use Adobe products, it is a cross-platform program, except for Linux OS, which has its own programs and opensource glory. Mac products are great, and they perform well, especially when they are fully optimized for the powerful creation programs. But the same is true about PCs. They are just as powerful, if not more, than Macs and it is becoming clear that PCs can meet the mark for artists of all fields.

HOWEVER, in the latest upgrade to Apple’s Macbook and Macbook Pro’s, they are doing away with essential features, like USB and SD Card ports, which so far can only still be found on the old 13 inch, 2.7GHz Processor, 128GB Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air (which won’t be the best if you are looking for speed and high processing power). So if you buy a new Macbook Pro, be prepared to have to buy overpriced adapters for Apple’s forced and backwards innovation. I understand that Apple is trying to reinvent the wheel, but no one is ready for that complete overhaul yet, especially when the majority of the market still uses USB 2.0 and SD Cards. You can’t force people to accept a new wheel when majority of people still use the old wheel and don’t have the means to switch over that suddenly. Conversely, Microsoft is just improving the wheel, say”Wheel 1.2.” They aren’t trying to force change, but rather improve on how innovative and functional their products can been. They have caught up to Apple in the creative market spectrum, and it looks like they will do well. Based on that, I would argue that a PC might be a better choice than the 2016 Macs.

But wait, there are other companies? Yes, there are (which run Windows) like HP, which makes a wonderful gaming computer and has the specs to handle 3D software. And their ZBook Series is also the same and powerful. Yes they can be more hefty, but they are incredibly powerful and just as affordable, if not cheaper, than a Macbook Pro or a Microsoft Surface.

And then there is Lenovo, which also offers some beast laptops.

But WAIT! You can put Mac OS on a PC. I’ve seen it done. So, if you love the OS but want the function of a PC, look to doing that (AKA a Hackintosh). You can also put Windows on a Mac, although some of the features might not work because Macs are not touch-screen computers.

So, in all, there isn’t a clear winner unless you want to go into nit-picky detail about which OS runs better with “x” program, or if you want certain features. But in my opinion, it’s all neutral ground.

But with anything, do your research and find what best fits your needs and budget.


*Heading image was was found on google search and had no copyright restrictions.

Mission Log 12/01/2016


Seth here with another update!

SO, since my last update; I have been working hard on a lot of thing and unfortunately the blog topics that I have in queue have been set to the wayside. And that’s been for many reasons, which I will explain, but I will dedicate time this weekend to blogging.

So most of the blogs that I have planned are mostly done, just they need a little more to them and some peer editing.

But as for what I have been up to, a lot,  this past week I was working on typing up script to my comic, prepping postcards to send out to potential clients, family gatherings, planning for what I need to or will be creating, some client work, job searching because I need an income until my freelance takes off, and crunching numbers; which is always a fun time.

So essentially I’m still trying to organize the chaos of my life and starting a freelance and pushing it faster than I thought has been stressful especially when my money supply is dwindling and I still need to do a lot of marketing and buy supplies. So you can say I’m good with financing and how to spend efficiently. And stress management.

As far as what I am planning for the next few weeks and navigating around the Christmas chaos. I do plan on making some Christmas, or festive stuff, on top of writing more script, designing a zine, and anything else that comes up.

So yeah.

That’s all I have to say.


If you have any question or comments; leave them down below or send me a message!

Mission Log 11/14/16

So, It’s Monday and five days since I have posted last. At least on this site. So a quick update of where I am. I have created more simple icons for my blogs and created more work which I posted on my store and social media; which you may have seen if your following me. (links are on my site, please follow me, thank you!) And I have been working hard on a wedding invitation for a friends wedding, which so far is going great, Working on one of the layouts I designed. I’ll see how they like it, if they do, then I’ll put it through the final stages and I’ll be done and everyone will be happy. If not, I’ll develop some of the other ones and repeat.

Beyond work stuff: I went to a gallery show, went to a visiting artist talk, Aya Kakeda, at my old stomping grounds (GVSU) and had a few drinks with one of my besties and talked about life. I also dropped $$$ this weekend on marketing supplies, a present for my bub, and a 58mm soviet lens (Helios 44-2) for my camera, which I will do a review of it on this blog once it comes from Ukraine . Hopefully, eventually a video review, but I need more $$$ to buy the software that I want to use and other things I need. (Functionally I could do it, but quality wise, it would suck. I personally would want quality, plus I need to put out quality material so my brand [my name] looks good and so I can get more money so I can live and create more.) I have also been working on some more blog that will be posted eventually, that talk about meaningful thing and not just me rambling on about my life.

So that is where I am at right now. Hustling as much as I can so I can make a living.