Mission Log 11/14/16

So, It’s Monday and five days since I have posted last. At least on this site. So a quick update of where I am. I have created more simple icons for my blogs and created more work which I posted on my store and social media; which you may have seen if your following me. (links are on my site, please follow me, thank you!) And I have been working hard on a wedding invitation for a friends wedding, which so far is going great, Working on one of the layouts I designed. I’ll see how they like it, if they do, then I’ll put it through the final stages and I’ll be done and everyone will be happy. If not, I’ll develop some of the other ones and repeat.

Beyond work stuff: I went to a gallery show, went to a visiting artist talk, Aya Kakeda, at my old stomping grounds (GVSU) and had a few drinks with one of my besties and talked about life. I also dropped $$$ this weekend on marketing supplies, a present for my bub, and a 58mm soviet lens (Helios 44-2) for my camera, which I will do a review of it on this blog once it comes from Ukraine . Hopefully, eventually a video review, but I need more $$$ to buy the software that I want to use and other things I need. (Functionally I could do it, but quality wise, it would suck. I personally would want quality, plus I need to put out quality material so my brand [my name] looks good and so I can get more money so I can live and create more.) I have also been working on some more blog that will be posted eventually, that talk about meaningful thing and not just me rambling on about my life.

So that is where I am at right now. Hustling as much as I can so I can make a living.



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